Dear students !!!
We would like to inform you that in the period from 17.082020 to 30.082020, on-line classes will be held on the ZOOM platform in order to eliminate academic debt.

Date Start time Group Type classes

Tuesday 25.08.2020

Kononenko Alevtina 10-00-12-00 https://us04web.zoom.us/j/



ID: 586 582 9280

Password : 469012

Thursday 27.08.2020

Burlaka Irina 10-00-12-00   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/



ID: 568 640 1228

Password : 8nnvJJ

Questions for final credit(*.pdf)


Tasks for independen twork during quarantine:

  1. To study lectures on topics “Autonomic nervous system”, “Higher nervous activity”, “Endocrine system” and “Blood”, which you canfindon the site of the department physiology.nuph.edu.
  2. 2.Using the textbook, answer the theoretical questions for independent work, given in the tasks.
  3. Fill out a work book on the listed topics.
  4. Solvetesttasksontopicsandsendanswerstothe e-mail address of the department or your teacher.

You can communicate with your teacher through e-mail, we are waiting for your letters!

1. Kononenko Alevtina alevtina19820103@gmail.com


2. Burlaka Irina is_burlaka@ukr.net


We wish you good health!

TASKS FOR QUARANTINE PERIOD 12.03.2020 – 03.04.2020_Physiology(*.pdf)


Test tasks _physiology(*.pdf)

Test tasks_Endocrine system(*.pdf)

Test tasks_Blood(*.pdf)

TASKS FOR QUARANTINE PERIOD 12.03.2020 – 03.04.2020_Age physiology(*.pdf)

THEME 1_Skeletal system(*.pdf)

Theme 2_Muscle system(*.pdf)

Theme 3_Central nervous system(*.pdf)

Theme 4_Autonomic and peripheral NS(*.pdf)

Test tasks_Skeletal system(*.pdf)

Test tasks_Muscle system(*.pdf)

Test tasks_Central nervous system(*.pdf)



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